Service and Repair

The quality of you data can be directly correlated to the condition of your equipment.


EnviroEquip's service team can inspect, service and repair your environmental monitoring equipment. We offer a free initial inspection and will send a detailed evaluation report and price quote of the work or parts required via email to the point of contact. 


Repairs are based on customer interaction and are performed only after approval is received. All repaired instruments/equipment are returned with a calibration report (where applicable) to confirm that system parameters meet factory specifications.


The service team are adept in servicing the most commonly used manufacturer equipment such as: Grundfos MP1/Redi-flo Pumps (2" - 4"), Waterra PP1 Inertial Pumps, YSI Pro Plus/Pro Quattro & Pro DSS water quality instrumentation, Peristaltic Pumps, Water Level Dip meters & Oil Water Interface Probes (Heron Instruments, Solinst, Geotech, Waterra, Honda, Masterflex, Invertek, Proactive) Replacement Tapes and Probes. 


Servicing usually includes cleaning, inspection, diagnostics, electrical testing, PAT test (certification), parts replacement, calibration (where applicable).